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When we talk about an “honest” solid wood furniture range in Viva, you cannot only see it but you can also feel it. The structure of the wood is enhanced even more by intensively brushing the untreated, solid wild oak wood, which is already a very expressive and fine wood in its own right. But that isn’t all: the rear walls are also manufactured in split wood perfectly processed in the true craftsman’s tradition. You can’t get any more natural than that! A modern solid wood furniture design in combination with excellent craftsmanlike processing – that’s Viva!


   Solid English Oak 

Viva wood

The rear walls of the cabinets and the wall panels in Viva are all manufactured from solid split wood. During splitting the wood “tears” to a degree depending on its grain and structure. This results in irregular markings, just like you get when splitting firewood. After splitting, the wood is divided up into small slats which are glued together again at random and then given a final brushing. A small piece of natural art.

Viva is a genuine solitary range of system quality. That means lots of beautiful living room combi nations can be put together which also provide lots of practical space for your home media units. If you want to make things easy for yourself: individual, pre-planned combinations can be found in the Viva unit type list. 

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Viva Unit Combinations 2

Our sales team will help you to plan your own individual furniture arrangements. 

It is paramount that children grow up in an unpolluted environment. For this reason, we produce all our furniture from pure, natural wood. The material is free from pollutants, contributes to fighting allergies, improves the room climate and creates an incomparable feeling of well-being.

Made in Germany 

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