Add1 Sofa

Add1 Sofa


Extension range add1•• coordinates sitting in lobbies, business interiors and waiting zones in a varied and elementary style. The cubic chairs, two-seaters and infinite add-on sofa ranges are distinguished for providing superbly comfortable seats in small dimensions. With or without rest elements, they stand on filigree chrome frames, designed for either 1, 2 or 3 seat elements. add1••, the versatile extension range, composes with its modular tailor-made seating concepts: Table modules, rectangular or square, can be fixed onto the frame at the same height as the screwed-on seat elements. Placed between two chairs or at the ends, either symmetrically on both sides or singly on left or right, they create individual reception options. Originally used link rest elements allow sitting in a row and yet apart - whilst an interplay of differently coloured covers creates visually accentuated waiting zones, black/grey/white, for instance. Open on only one side, add1•• offers small seat units with 1 rest element, either on left or right plus table tray. With add1••, there is no limit to experimenting with seat units, rest elements and trays. This elementary extension range provides endless inviting sofa rows in foyers or museums. All covers of the add1•• extension elements, be they of fabric or leather, are completely removable. add1•• creates tailor-made, communicative seating ensembles: dainty single chairs, high on comfort, group together in colour-accentuated covers. Small seat units can be made up of two chair elements, each with one armrest and linked by a table tray. Or three chairs and two rectangular tables form into a waiting zone, sitting three. With add1•• trays in segment form, rounded seating concepts, including a corner, can be planned. On filigree chrome frames, either polished or matt.


Spoilt for choice … To make the individual composition of your Amber modular furniture easier for you, here is an overview of the options.


Additional information and pricing for a different modification options upon request.

Made in Germany.

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