Vanda Sofa

Vanda Sofa and Armchair


VANDA has a whole range of delights to play with: At first glance, the compact daintiness intrigues because here it is all perfect. The balance of proportions and the clarity of form. However, that does not mean VANDA lacks individuality. It has merely saved some playful details for the second glance: fine lines and curving seams such as the wide selvedge seams on the armrests and backrest cushions. Under the charming exterior, even more pleasant surprises await VANDA‘s owners – by simply lifting up the chic back cushions, VANDA is transformed into a highbacked sofa with a deeper seat. The folding armrests complete the list of luxuries. VANDA is a comprehensive sofa programme with a wide range of elements, allowing the creation of beautiful, compact sofa sectionals even in smaller spaces. Design Tamara Härty.

Delightful, fascinating, gracefull and light-footed - love at first sight is inevitable. But also under the charming exterior, even more pleasant surprises await the owner. Upholstery programme VANDA with integrated comfort functions. Available in leather or fabric.

FUNCTIONS Armrests: Adjustable in little steps. They provide a reclining position or an arm support. All widths for armrests in an upright position. When the armrest is tipped, the width increases by up to 12 cm/ 5" per armrest. Backrests: The backrests can be steplessly adjusted up. The sofa turns into the high back that you are anticipating and the seat depth increases.

UPHOLSTERY A more casual and supple upholstery with a smooth surface and typical undulations.

FEET Metal feet H 15.5 cm/ 6"  in 5 versions: – shiny chrome – – nickel satined (stainless steel look) – black chrome-plated – black chrome-plated satin (matt) – powder coated matt black

ACCESSORIES Back cushion with selvedge: approx. 84 x 48 cm/ 33 x 19"

Additional information and pricing for a different modification options upon request.

Made in Germany.

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