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In purchasing a piece of solid wood furniture by Hartmann, you are choosing a premium quality product: all of our furniture is made from pure, natural wood. This ensures the best possible indoor atmosphere, is good for allergy sufferers, pollutant-free and natural. Our raw material comes exclusively from sustainably managed forestry. Many elements of our furniture production are still dominated by handmade components in combination with the old, craft traditions. Ultimately, it is often about making individual adaptations and producing detailed, quality work. We put the finishing touches to our furniture so that you can look forward to a premium product.

Heartwood is a special oak cut. Those special characteristics, such as heart shakes, spike knots, curly grains and intergrown areas dominate the character of this type of wood to make your item of furniture genuinely unique.

Genuine wood and a discreet, clear design lend the Jon range its unique character. The high levels of material and processing quality of the solid heartwood oak make the furniture a long-lasting companion.

JON wood

A coffee table with a twist: a moving panel conceals adequately lit storage space for remote controls, etc.

Cofee tablre  - moveable table top with a storage space underneath.

L 120 W 80 H 47cm/ 47.2' x 31.5" x 18.5"

Cofee table Jon

1.Glass-topped table, rotating glass top (ESG) parsolbronze glass shelf parsolbronze.

L 95 W 95 H 45cm / 37.4" x 37.4" x 17.7"

2.Cofee table - base plate application steel rotating glass top (ESG) parsolbronze 1storage space with shelf

L 120 W 80 H 45cm / 47.2' x 31.5" x 17.7"

Jon tcoffee table options

Lamp table - application end grain timber, two glass plates parsolbronze

L 83,5 W 44,5 H 60/ 32.9" x 17.5" x 23.6"

Lamp table jon

Lamp table - application steel 

L 40 W 40 H 65/ 15.7" x 15.7" x 25.6"

Lamp table 1 glass jon


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Made in Germany 

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