Shelf System SINUS 649


Our specialists give us a depth of in-house production that is really special. From the purchase of wood to the individual production processes and final assembly, we manage and manufacture everything in Rietberg-Bokel. We source metal components such as hinges and fittings from suppliers that have the same high quality standards as we do.

Veneer Competence

For over 90 years, we have been “passionate about wood”. This passion is evident above all in the special wood competence that we have developed together with our workforce over three generations. One special division is the manufacture of elegant veneer patterns. Beautiful, continuous grain patterns across several front elements create the unique appearance of the furniture. Skilled craftsmanship and precision are also required when veneers are book-matched. The results are impressive mirror images: every one a one-off from nature’s treasure chest.Sensuous and expressive: real wood veneers. Thanks to our particular veneer competence, we are able to produce wonderful designs on our furniture.


the universal shelf

SINUS is a universal shelf system that is perfect for use in niches solutions, loft extensions and room dividers. Eight heights, six widths and four depths for perfect flexibility. The fronts are flush fit, so horizontal shelves and vertical panels create the overall look.

This shelf system can be planned with the same level of flexibility as our FOKUS shelf system. The only difference between the two programmes is the position of the fronts. With SINUS, the fronts are flush with the carcass, and are also available with handles. With FOKUS, they cover the front of the carcass and do not have handles. You can choose from a range of doors, flaps and drawers.

Those who wish to can increase their library with large sliding doors or flat sliding shelves that run, quietly and smoothly, on a special track. There are several wood varieties and colours to choose from.

An intelligent grid system helps to make optimum use of the storage space for your office.

The drill hole distance is 30 mm. Designed so that files fit beautifully in the compartments. Absolutely no space is wasted if you plan right up to the ceiling.

Customised storage space for walk-in wardrobes and separate dressing rooms. There is a choice of two material thicknesses for shelves and panels, either 26 mm or 60 mm.

Color: blossom white smooth lacquer

Dimensions: W 65.2" | H 72" | D 13.7"


Our sales team will help you to plan your own individual furniture arrangements. 

Made in Germany

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