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Falcon Table


FALCON spoils its users with its filigree center column and 4 delicate metal boom with a maximum leg and foot space . Even with fully extended plate in glass, wood , scratchproof FENIX or even in the bold mix of materials he proves superior stability and a balanced design .

Table plate in 6 mm safety glass Optiwhite back painted in Standard colors , 6 mm safety glass NOPRINT Back painted in standard colors , walnut veneered , lacquered or solid walnut waxed:




Dining table opens:

Width: 212 cm with basic size 160 cm or

242 cm at ground 190 cm

Height: 74 cm

Depth: 95 cm


Rectangular dining table with a loose insert: closed 160 x 95 cm

or 190 x 95 cm, open 212 x 95 cm or 242 x 95 cm, 74 cm high.

Plate glass 6 mm Optiwhite back painted in standard colors,

6 mm safety glass NOPRINT back painted in standard colors,

Walnut veneer, lacquered or solid walnut

waxed. Inlay lacquer matt, lacquer high gloss, safety glass 6 mm

Optiwhite back painted in standard colors, 6 mm safety glass

NOPRINT back painted in standard colors, walnut veneer, clear

varnished or waxed walnut massive. Column matt varnish Walnut

veneered, lacquered or walnut waxed. Feet in chrome glossy

or matt chrome.

FALCON is an extensible dining table and can be with, if necessary a loose insert two dining seats bigger. The table top is strong 6 mm sekuriertem Optiwhite glass, which on the Underside is painted in various colors and painted on a suitable Support plate rests. Optionally, the glass plate in "NOPRINT" be executed with lacquered underside. In this "NOPRINT" - Technology will be a special matting fingerprints on the glass plate avoided (no nano-coating), at the same time gives the "NOPRINT" surface of the glass plate and the dining table a noble matt optics. In addition, the table tops can optionally veneered in walnut, varnished or waxed solid walnut to be delivered. The optional leaf can be used in safety glazing 6 mm Optiwhite back painted glass 6 mm NOPRINT Back painted, walnut veneer, clear lacquered, solid walnut waxed matt lacquer or varnish glossy supplemented. The quadtratische column is centrally placed and the table matt lacquer, Walnut veneer, lacquered or walnut waxed. foot chrome high-gloss or matt chrome. When not in use, the liner is in a Storage compartment underneath the tabletop from above inserted. For special Protection of the liner is the dining table with a special request Stoffhülle at  walnut veneer , lacquered or Walnut waxed.  Foot: chrome high gloss or matt chrome.

Prices from $ 4050.

Additional information and pricing for a different modification options upon request.

Made in Germany.


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