Champion Desk

Champion Desk


perfectly matched for right- or left-handed users

That makes the new-moll desk to a “Champion”:

Split desktop:
One part of the desktop can be tilted and used for drawing, writing or reading – while the rest of it remains fixed in place as a practical storage surface and working space.

Unique tilt position :
Pulling on the left button positions the desktop at an angle, while pulling on the right one lowers it. Childproof and TÜV-tested. This means there are no disturbing gaps between the panel sections when the desktop is not tilted.

Comfort Height Adjustment:
The user-friendly cable-pull height adjustment. With just a pull at the cable the height will adjust stepless. For child proof lock the pull mechanism can be taken off. For desk heights from 53 to 82cm.

The Champion by moll is available in three different versions:

  • Champion front up
  • Champion left up
  • Champion right up

Depending on the chosen version, the tilting and fixed parts of the desktop are the perfect ergonomic match. Our recommendation: left up for right-handed users, right up for left-handed users, front up for everyone possible.


Colour can also be chosen indiviually:
Every Champion comes with a box of color foils for the leg runners and the matching cover caps for the “JoJo”.

Included with every Champion:

  • Book holder
  • Magnetic anti-slip feature
  • Cable duct
  • Hook for bags

Dimensions: 120×72 cm/47 x 28"

Let‘s add some color!

Champion brings color into play. In addition to white desk sides, Champion offers a choice of seven other colors and four solid wood variants. This way, every child finds the right style. That is typically, exclusively moll.

Lilac is in one day and ash the next?! The desk sides can be changed later if the taste
in color changes. Simply buy a new set of desk sides, change them and the „new desk“
is ready!


Champion Desk Comfort  white $ 1 315

Champion Desk Comfort Color + Wood $ 1 485

Champion Desk Comfort Walnut wood $ 1 665


1. Giant/ Large Drawer 

For practical storage space across the width of the desk top; can also be fitted subsequently, without the desk having to be taken apart. Including foam inlays.

Price: $ 242


2. Drawer cover 

Complete cover for the drawer as a sight-screen and dust protection when the top is tilted.

Price: $ 126


3. Cable duct cover

Conceals sight into the cable-duct, in translucent finish

Price: $ 70


4. Set of desk sides white 

Price: $ 300


5. Two-sided back wall

Price: $ 430


6. Multi deck 

Extra panel at the rear

Price: $ 498


7. Flex Deck

Multi-function wall

Price: $ 755


8. Cubic

Fitted with a lockable utensils compartment. The 2 drawers are self-closing, and offer storage space for formats of up to A3. The colour applications on the handles are replaceable, and are included in 8 different colors.

Dimensions: 43x54x43 cm/17x21x17"

Price: $ 675


9. Seat Pad

When combined with the optional Pad 15, the Container Cubic makes a perfect stool. Fabrics can be removed for washing.

Price: $ 175


moll champion seat padd

10. Set of desk sides white 

Price: $ 145

11. Set of desk sides color + wood 

Price: $ 320

12. Set of desk sides walnut wood 

Price: $ 500

Made in Germany


Additional Info

  • Price: $ 1315
  • Available in showroom: Yes


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