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An extraordinary range in many respects is the MIRA solid wood bedroom system. The perfect form of MIRA design betrays the following: professionals have been at work here – from the first draft of the design right up to the final craftsmanlike workmanship! A highly expressive details and intricate contours combine harmoniously with 3 solid wooden versions of knotted oak, red core beech and structured ash. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the feeling of comfort and outstanding quality! It’s available in structured ash wood, red core beech wood and knotty oak wood. Being right in the middle of twin, full sized and king size beds, queen size beds are one of the most popular beds. All our furniture is 100% solid hardwood. We do not use chipboard or veneers on any of our furniture. A selection for people of varying tastes but who place the same high demands on comfort and quality levels.

Mira wood

Programm Characteristics:

Fronts, head- and footboards, cover shelves: solid wood, with full-length lamina.

Wardrobes, bed sides and cornices: solid wood, parquet-style.

Uniform front surface: only in the solid natural beech and solid structured ash versions.

Combine from 3 wood versions, 4 glass colours and 4 artificial leather colours.

Automatic quick-assembly hinges of full metal. Door hinge always with cushioning mechanism.

Hovering doors with cushioning brackets. Wardrobes with trapezoid brackets.

Bed bracket adjustable to 4 height settings.

Bed bracket adjustable to 4 height settings. 5 bed headboards as well as 3 bed footboards available.

glass and leather


Coloured glass headboard, H: 86.0 cm

Depth structured headboard, H: 86.0 cm

Arched artificial leather headboard, H: 86.0 cm

Headboard with top artificial leather panel, angled, H: 88.0 cm

Upholstered artificial leather headboard, H: 98.0 cm


Boxbed footboard

Depth structured footboard

Footboard on arched supports


There is a practical fabric cover for the bed drawers to keep everything free of dust.

Five different options of the night stands :

Mira night stand

1.For headboard with top artificial leather panel, angled

2.For upholstered artificial leather headboard

3.One drawer with coloured glass

4.Two drawers with coloured glass

5.Three drawers with coloured glass


Glass shelf left (for coloured glass and depth structured headboard)

arched (for arched headboard)

with glass shelf

Five options of dresser


1 door, 3 drawers Front coloured glass 50"x23"x17"

2 doors with coloured glass, 3 drawers 74.5"x23"x17

6 drawers with coloured glass 25.5"x43.4"x17"

4 drawers with coloured glass 50"x30"x17"

2 doors, 5 drawers with coloured glass 152"|62.5"x36/6"x17.3"


left or right, with bronzed mirror glass, for chests 19.6" 73"x7.7"

with bronzed mirror glass, 1 glass shelf 39"x32x5.7"

unpolstered with artificial leather, 2 drawers 150"x17.3"x17.3"

We can meet the customer's special needs and help in designing individual suites. Our furniture is guaranteed to be superior in quality at a fraction of the price.

Made in Germany

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