Are you looking for bedroom furniture that is going to be durable yet stylish? ALBA BED is for those who love the valuable raw material wood. ALBA BED is absolutely solid hardwood. We do not use veneers or chipboard on any of our furniture. Thoroughly selected, red-core beech and solid core birch are processed, excellent woods with explicit structures. In combination with its environment-friendly surface treatment, Alba BED becomes a pearl of a solid wood furniture manufacture. A selection is for people who have different tastes, but who place the same high demands on comfort and quality levels. You can buy a great variety of other components but the bed, frame's look, headboard and feel will influence on the style of the whole bedroom furniture.
We can meet any customer's needs and help in designing individual suites. With the best prices and the most stylish designs you can be sure that your bedroom updating would bring you only pleasure. In additions, you have possibilities to do some fusion design by matching and mixing designs and manufacturers.

Some of the units have a craftsmanlike ribbed surface finish, for example the rectangular panels on the wardrobe doors, bed side sections, bed headboards, bed footboards and the top front drawer sections of the ancillary units

Beds with protruding panelled head boards connect with the bedside consoles to form an integrated design unit which can be enhanced on both sides using the extension units. A real joy, both visually and practically speaking!

Truly beautiful and practical "bedroom landscapes" can be created by combining the units with wall lowboards. The studio bed and ancillary units flow smoothly into one another – a masterpiece of craftsmanship!

1. Solid red core beech wood


2. Solid core birch 



ALBA Bed available in US King or Queen size, as well as special customized sizes. 

The shape of the single Alba units follows the modern style of design of the overall range and has been consistently designed with practical storage space in mind. Because everyone needs that extra bit of space for bed linen and the like!

Only for extendable comfort studio beds:



Console H 17.3" / 9". W 23.6"

Wall lowboard H 26.7" W47.2" / 70.8"

Corner wall lowboard H 26.7" W 22.6"

Made in Germany.

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